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What is M.Com (Master of Commerce) distance learning? Distance M.Com is a postgraduate degree in 2-years which is Masters of Commerce that is a higher study after the bachelor’s degree of commerce. If you are interested in financial studies and want to learn monetary transactions that are used to run a business, then M.Com is an adequate course for you. The M.Com degree can be obtained in two ways first one is through regular classes and the second one is through distance learning. The distance M.Com course is designed according to the current education system.

In distance learning, the student can pursue a Master’s degree in Commerce, and side by side they can do jobs or any other activities that can build up their career. M.Com from regular and M.Com from distance learning are similar courses. The distance MBA course is a great learning source for those students who want to deeply study financial transactions of the business but do not want to leave their current jobs. This course will help them to upgrade their current job status or they can apply for good posts in other companies.

Top Colleges in India Offering Distance M.Com: Approval, Location, Fee:

Find out the list of top colleges/ universities in India that offers Distance education in M.Com are listed below

Distance M.Com Course Specializations


Assistant Accountant

Finance Analyst

Business Analyst

Key Highlights of Distance M.Com

There are hundreds of j0b options available for the student after they have gained the degree of Master in Computer applications. You can have a look at the job options :


Distance M.Com is a Master’s degree in commerce through distance learning. The Master’s degree will help to upgrade your resume while doing a job.

The duration of the distance M.Com course is 2 years that is subdivided into 4 semesters.

M.Com degree will enhance your knowledge that will upgrade your career and credentials.


In this course, the student will learn the financial concepts deeply that help to administrate a business.

The distance M.Com course is cost-effective. The course fee is about 50,000 to 1,00,000.

Investment Banker


The student doesn’t need to take regular classes in distance learning courses; they can take classes according to their schedules which gives them time flexibility.

For applying to Masters in Commerce the applicant must have the degree of the bachelorette in commerce.

Job Opportunities After Distance Learning M.Com


There are so many specialized fields where the M.Com degree holders can apply. Some of the posts are mentioned below:- 

  Assistant Accountant 

Audit officer


Account Executive

Finance Analyst

Finance Manager

Operation Manager

Business Analyst

Distance M.Com Career Aspects

The distance M.Com degree opens up the path of many careers in financial fields. The degree holder can apply for the posts like
financial manager, accountant, audit officer, business analyst, etc.
The students can pursue courses like CA, CS, FMS, or any related courses along with the degree. After completing the distance
M.Com course the student will get a good salary package of an estimated amount of approx 4L to 6L per annum.

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The distance MCA lateral entry course is a 2 yearly program that is available for the students to get advanced knowledge of computer skills and applications.

It varies from university to university, some may take an entrance examination and some not.

Distance M.Com is a 2 year program but you can finish it within 2 to 5 years.

The average fee for distance M.Com is Rs 7,500.

Some of the popular specialized courses for distance M.Com are: Strategic Management, Cooperative management, International Management, Marketing Management.

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