AICTE Approval Mandatory For B Tech Distance Education

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AICTE Approved B Tech Distance Education

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AICTE is the All India Council for Technical Education that provides validation to the universities and their courses. AICTE approved B Tech distance education is the education done online as you enroll in courses from universities all over the world. 

For that, it’s hard to attend regular classes. concerning the situation and need for theoretical as well as practical knowledge b tech distance education is not fulfilling the need. AICTE approved b tech distance education does not exist concerning the need for technical education. AICTE has not been approved for B Tech distance education.

It’s all engineers who are making our life easier by making the roads to travel, buildings for living and working by making instruments and equipment. They know the use of tools with the techniques to make everything easier. To repair the machines or invent the new ones.

Engineers are basically making our life easier by inventing new techniques and improving the quality of the existing ones. Engineering is basically a program of both UG and PG. B Tech is an undergraduate program which is of 4 years duration whereas M Tech is a postgraduate program of 2 years. These are the technical programs in which you will study PCM. 

One can choose the domain through which they wanted to do engineering as there are numerous options to opt for. B.tech distance education is a 3-year program that is an online-based program. In B.Tech distance education, all the classes are held online and it is a more comforting program where you can work and study parallel.

There are no such criteria for attending regular classes and you can take the lectures anytime you want in b.tech distance education. But b.tech is a technical program that needs theoretical as well as practical knowledge, and practical knowledge needs face to face regular classes. So as per the supreme court order and AICTE guidelines b.tech distance education is invalid. It cannot be pursued just online.

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